Upcoming Performances

Belgium Chinese Dance Group will be performing at the following events:

–  Internationaal Folklorefestival Westerlo – 12 August 2023 (

– Amazing Asia Festival – Gent Arsenaalpark – 27 August 2023 (

– Amazing Asia Festival – Laakdal Domein De Vesten – 24 September 2023 (

– Leuven New Horizons Festival – Leuven 300cc – 30 September 2023 17:30 – 18:00

13th May 

Belgium Chinese Dance Group participated in the 2023 Leuven Wereldfest and performed two dances in the IMPACT PODIUM. The show first started with the dance ‘The Flourishing Age’, with the nice weather today the dancers performed elegant moves from the Han and Tang dynasties, they have attracted a lot of audiences. The second dance ‘The Dream of the Butterfly’ is with Chinese specific costume ‘Qi Pao’, this is a dance combining the Chinese classical dance movements with modern dance movements presenting the beautiful body lines of the dancers. More detail of the activity please refer to the wereldfest and mundomoves website below.

Leuven Werldfest, Hal 5 & the Blauwputplein, 3010 Kessel-lo

5th Feburary 

Belgium Chinese Dance Group performed in The Confucius Institute of Brussels the waist drum dance to celebrate the Lantern Festival. Aside from the traditional waist drum dance, a new dance is performed by the group this time, which is a contemporary dance embedding traditional Chinese dance movements within the Jazz dance. Belgium Chinese Dance Group members are also very talented in music, we also performed Chinese traditional songs, Chinese traditional instruments Erhu and Guzheng.

Belgium-China Association, Av. Paul Deschanel 92, 1030 Schaarbeek

29th Janurary 

Belgium Chinese Dance Group performed two dances at CVO EduKempen Turnhout Chinese New Year celebration party. The performance ‘The Flourishing Age’ depicted the peaceful and prosperous ancient time of the Han and Tang dynasties; The performance ‘Spirit of Water’, a folk dance from Day ethnic, reflects the dynamic and gentle nature of the water. 

CVO EduKempen Turnhout, Boomgaardstraat 53, 2300 Turnhout

28th Janurary 

Belgium Chinese Dance Group performed two dances at the Chinese Spring Festival Fair 2023. The waist drum performance as the first dance brought happiness and festival feeling to the crowd. The second performance ‘The Flourishing Age’ depicted the prosperous age of Han and Tang dynasties.

Place d’Armes, 5000 Namur

Namur Waist Drum
Namur The Flourishing Age
Namur The Flourishing Age


22nd December

Belgian Chinese Dance Group performed dance ‘The Spirit of Water’ for the Chinese embassy new year’s celebration at Chinese Cultural Center in Brussels.

Rue Philippe Le Bon 2, 1000 Brussels

11th December

Belgian Chinese Dance Group was interviewed by the Singapore TV channel The Moving Visuals Co Pte Ltd program The Chinese Footprint Season 2.


24th September

Belgian Chinese Dance Group Mid-Autumn Festival performance was a complete success.

Address Aula Vesalius, Andreas Vesaliusstraat 11, 3000 Leuven


Belgium Chinese Dance Group became officially part of the International Comité in Leuven, which contributes to the joint force in Belgium we are proud of this move.


China-Africa dance exchange event successfully held

8th May, 15th May – Dansende Zondagen

21st May – Wereldfeest Leuven