Belgium Chinese Dance Group

About us

Belgium Chinese Dance Group is the largest non-profitable organization registered in Belgium focusing on Chinese dance. Our Dance Group is formed by practitioners passionate about dancing and is aimed at spreading the Chinese dance culture.

As the first established Chinese dance group in Belgium, we are devoted to reflect the ethnic narrative within the Chinese dances and the Chinese culture embedded in the dance moves. In the past decade, we have actively participated in cultural events including the yearly Chinese New Year and Mid-Autum Festival Celebrations, performances from the Chinese Embassy, local cultural exchange activities, European Commission activities, ManiFiesta, Wereldfeest in Mundo Moves, contributed to the inter-cultural initiatives. charity events,. With more than a hundred performances, we are taking the lead as the voluntary ambassador of Belgium-China friendship and weaving a strong friendship between Belgium and China.

We are very organized, the daily trainings are instructed by the professional dancer and choreographer Ellen, WU Jia, who has professional experience in China National Opera & Dance Drama Theatre and has been dedicated for more than 20 years towards dance choreography and dance education. In Belgium Chinese Dance Group you can learn a variety of Chinese dances.

About Chinese Classical Dance

China has 56 ethnic monorities, each of them has a culture that is characterized by a set of unique folk dances. As an ancient civilizaiton, the heritage of the folk dance was passed down the generations among the ethnic groups, formulating a rich and varied collection of Chinese dance. Folk dances are rooted in daily life, seasonal celebrations and worship rituals. The movements embody the aesthetics and cherished values of the people at their own time. Chinese classical dance weaves a vibrant vision of Cina’s ancient indigenous folk cultures. Over thousands of years, it was constantly refined, eventually developing into the vast and distintly Chinese dance form we know today. The body rhythme of Chinese classical dance evokes the hauting beauty and elegance, dreives the body into feelings and motion.