Dance Class

Training Description

Ballet training is very important in every different genre. Our training programme consists of three parts.

The first part is the basic ballet training which consists of Ballet handlebars training and floor training. The aim of the handlebar training is to build muscle strength, control and bouncing power. The purpose of the floor training is to increase flexibility, coordination and agility of the body.

The second part of our training consists of feeling the rhythm. Chinese dance is a traditional dance and rhythm is an essential part, highlighting the aesthetic characteristics of delicacy, roundness, rigidity and flexibility, integration of scenarios and skills, as well as perfect harmony and unity of essence, energy, spirit and hands, eyes, body, techniques and steps. In the process of repeated practice, we combine traditional Chinese music to improve the ability of the eye to follow the hands and the body to express the spirit of love and beauty.

The third and final part of the course is the technical study of dance. The teacher will break down the dance moves and teach them to us. Each member of the group will become familiar with the movements and master them, before refining them to the extreme.

Do you want to join us? We would like to see you each Sunday between 12h-16h. Please send e-mail to to get more detail.