Belgium Chinese Dance Group


China has 56 ethnic monorities, each of them has a culture that is characterized by a set of unique folk dances. As an ancient civilizaiton, the heritage of the folk dance was passed down the generations among the ethnic groups, formulating a rich and varied collection of Chinese dance. Folk dances are rooted in daily life, seasonal celebrations and worship rituals. The movements embody the aesthetics and cherished values of the people at their own time. For example, the previous performance is a kind of civil dance that shows the civil virtue and the wish of continuous peace and prosperity which were cherished at the age of Han and Tang.


Chinese dance group registered in Belgium

Belgium Chinese Dance Group is devoted to reflect this kind of ethnic narrative and present the culture to the world via the choreography and colorful costumes of the folk dances. As the largest Chinese dance group registered in Belgium, the Belgium Chinese Dance Group aims at spreading the Chinese dance culture and culture exchange within Belgium, taking the lead as the voluntary  ambassador of Belgium-China friendship. They are very organized, the daily trainings are instructed by the dance teacher Ellen, Wu Jia, who has professional experience in China National Opera & Dance Drama Theatre, China Railway Art Troupe, China Coal Mine Art Troupe and has been dedicated more than 20 years towards dnace choreography and education.

Chinese classical dance weaves a vibrant vision of Cina’s ancient indigenous folk cultures

Over thousands of years, it was constantly refined, eventually developing into the vast and distintly Chinese dance form we know today. The body rhythme of Chinese classical dance evokes the hauting beauty and elegance, dreives the body into feelings and motion.